I am Thrilled with Your Mediocrity!

I have the privilege of meeting with the best group of ladies every Monday morning for book club. As a mom, woman, wife, and human being, I often find myself challenged to get things right, to be just a little bit more perfect. I look at the people around me and can find so many things in others that make my flaws look giant black holes that suck all the good things inside me into their endless depths. One beautiful lady there has the prettiest curly hair I have ever seen. They are like fat spirally curls that look like they always obey her wishes. She is soft spoken and classy. I, on the other hand, just try to remember if I brushed my hair and soft spoken, I am not. Another lady there is so brutally honest about herself, I am often left in awe at her amazing confidence. She seems to not fear other's judgment and is remarkably likeable. Further down the table is someone that seems so entirely sold out to God and doing what He would desire, that it challenges my own level of commitment and spirituality. Then, yet another, I don't know her well yet, upon our inital introduction said, "Oh your the one with Micah. How is he?" One of the other ladies in the group thought enough about us to continually ask for prayer for us, and this lady remembered. I have quit telling anyone I will pray for them, unless I am in a spot to write it down, because I often forget.
This could be the most intimidating group of ladies I have ever been involved with.

When I first started going, I thought there was no way that I was going to fit in with this group. They all exhibited these traits that I am still working for and let me be the first to say, I don't wear makeup (I don't like too, I think it is itchy) and I will never have good hair. But, I sucked it up and kept going, because I love books and I love to talk about them.

Then there are days like yesterday, days when everyone shares personal pieces of themselves and lets you in on their sucesses and their failures.  They show that they are everybit as imperfect and lacking as anyone else.  They can freely admit where they need improvement, and make no excuses.  No one has to sit in fear of judgement. 

This group has brought out a level of openness in me that I normally put away and don't get out for much of anyone. I have probably cried more times in front of this group than I have cried in front of my husband. I can talk about a lot of things and they never put me on the defensive (on a personal level), they do not assume they "know" me, and most importantly, they remember me. Their honesty and willingness to be so darn real, has really been awesome. It feels like getting a wonderful gift. It feels a lot like making friends!

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