My Journey to Organization - Part 6 - My Kitchen

Thinking about organizing the kitchen strikes a bit of fear into my heart.  I need to figure out something different.  I have too many several small kitchen appliances that I had to have need, I don't have room for them.  But, I do use them.  Some about once or twice a month, some about twice a week, and some not for a long time.  I know I am going to get rid of the ones that I have not used yet.  I will probably store the ones that are used during Thanksgiving and other big meal times, in the attic.  I would have liked some shelves in the garage but as soon as I clear one off, my dh's stuff magically appears on it.  LOL 
I have been avoiding this room because it seems like it will be a GINORMOUS task.  I kept thinking of it in its entiretly, and then I realized, this is one room I need to "break down."  My dh tells me all the time that you eat an elephant one bite at a time, I guess I just thought he was referring to the way I can eat LIKE an elephant haha....  So, without further ado, here are my before pictures of section 1 of the kitchen.

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