$5 VeggieTales DVD's

BigIdea.com is offering VeggieTales DVD's for $5 each!  Woot!  My kids love VeggieTales and have managed to wear out most of the DVD's that we have.  My two year now says, "Just skip it!" whenever a movie has any kind of pause.  :)

You can get free shipping if you order $40 worth of product by using the coupon code SHIP2011 at checkout. 

If you go through Shop At Home (totally free) for this purchase, you will get an additional $5 (if you are new to Shop at home) and a 4% rebate.  Continue to use Shop at Home for online shopping (you really have NOTHING to lose) and when you reach $20, they will mail you a check.  I use it all the time and it is really great! 

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