Master Bath - Done!

OK... You have seen the "befores." Now, here are the results of about an hour's worth of work and one trashbag full of stuff taken away!

King Julian is my dh's favorite cartoon character, so he lives on the vanity.  Next to him are dh's wallet, belt, and flashlight.  He always sets these on the vanity in the evening.

Cabinet, on the right

Cabinet, on the left, I added the pink basket (it was on my closet shelf) I put miscellaneous stuff that seems to escape from all other type of constraints. Same story for the pink metal bucket in the back.  Dh's stuff that he uses everyday is in the front.

My hair stuff.  The baby wipe container is holding all of my 2 year olds hair bows.

The middle drawer now holds wash cloths and hand towels! Woot!

Top drawer with stuff that we use every day. Oh and the measuring tape.  :)  Doesn't everyone keep a measuring tape in their bathroom drawer?  This is the only place I have found for it that the kids leave it alone.  I like to measure my diet/workout progress by measurements.

Shower clutter - gone!

I even cleaned up the toilet closet.  :-D  There wasn't much in there to begin with, but I did straighten up the rug!
That is what I did tonight.  I am afraid my future projects are going to enter into the "massive undertaking" stage.  My master bedroom closet is next.  I have already taken the pictures of it.  I seriously do not know what I am going to do with that space.  I may have to break down and buy some things to help me organize it. 

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ourhearts4home said...

You rock!

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