My Journey to Organization - Part 5 - My Closet

Ok, so far I have pretty much zipped through all the projects I have taken on, making me wonder why I have waited so long to start this!  But, as I am getting the "easy" stuff out of the way, I have come to realize that the monster projects are looming on my household horizons. This, I think will be one of them.  My closet.  I try to keep it fairly organized and picked up, but I am thinking some of this stuff simply needs to be gotten rid of or placed in the attic.  I am, again, going to approach this like I am going to be moving; asking myself, "Is this worth packing up only to have unpack it later?"  Here are my before pics!

There is a couple more pictures, but I got tired of uploading them from my phone :)  Anyway, I am sure you will get the point LOL...  Off I go!

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Jessica said...

How do I find ANYTHING in there?

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