Office Area - Done and Done!

Ok, so my husband decided it had been too long since he had visited his mother.  I decided it had been too long since he took the children with him to visit his mother!  HAHA!  So, my sweet husband packed all four kids and my brother into the van and went away for 3 and 1/2 HOURS.  Leaving me in the house ALONE!  WAHOO!  So, I tackled my office mess.  You have already seen the before picture.  Here are the afters!

I took a picture of the inside of the drawers.  I came away with a kitchen trashbag full of trash.  Why do I keep what I keep?  It makes no sense!  LOL  But, the inside of the drawers were a WRECK.  I had a container that I put the batteries in, then I put all the tacks and paper clips in the tack box.  In the second drawer, I put a small container that is holding all the extra cards I have, like the YMCA guest passes, customer loyalty cards, and all the corners that contain the return addresses of people that are not in my address book yet.  As soon as I locate my address book, I am going to add these to it!  In the round container in the back with the red lid is where I have all the camera, MP3, and other cords. 
Under the desk are two file boxes.  One has all my household and school papers and the other has the files for our busniess. 
Next to the printer I have two holders that look like miniature magazine holders.  One has envelopes, stamps and a couple of pens.  The other has little booklets that I want to hang onto, like the calorie counter and a pocket sized copy of the Constitution.
I put all the extra reams of paper, folders, file folders, notebooks and other extra supplies in a crate in my closet, where I have my extra homeschool stuff.
I am very pleased!

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Samantha said...

Way to go! What's next?? :)

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