My Journey to Organization - Part 3 - The Laundry Room

I am really, really blessed to have a nice laundry room with cabinets and a nice washer and dryer on pedestals that have a drawer for storage.  It is not overly cluttered, but it needs some help.  I cleaned the heck out of it not too long ago - we are talking windexing the tops of the washer and dryer and everything!  So, I pick this room for my next project.  I am going to take everything out of the cabinets and the drawers and put it all back up.  I am going to try to get it done tonight!  Here are my "before" pics :)

The front of my washer is white, I don't know why it looks all streaked and icky...

The bottom part of the cabinet

The pedestal drawers and my foot! HA!

The top cabinet, looking much better than it really is..... You should see what is lurking behind things... Muahahaha...

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