To All My Future Guests - You Are Welcome! The bathroom is Decluttered!

Ok.  I finished up the guest/kids bathroom this morning.  I threw out a bunch of stuff, like about $20 worth of beads and accessories that the kids had gotten all mixed up.  I sat down to sort them, but when I saw how long it was going to take, I figured my time is worth more than that.  Add that to the fact that play group is in an hour and I still need to vacuum the livingroom and take a shower, it really was not going to be worth it to keep them.  We haven't used beads in a while.  My oldest doesn't like to wear them as often as she used to, and my middle daughter doesn't like her hair in cornrows much at all.  So, out they all went.  I broke one of the drawers when I was wiping it out, so I had to take a second to fix it.  But, I finally got it all done!  Here are the after pictures!
Hey Kim! I still have that Diego towel!  :-D

Cleaning supplies in back, Hair stuff in the front.

I found the thermometers and the fingernail clippers!

Woot!  Yes, future guest, I do have clean hand towels!

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ourhearts4home said...

Inspiring! I may just have to get busy when I'm healthy! I did this once, but a few things have started to fall apart thanks to lack of upkeep on my part. Once you get this done and keep up with your organizational system (whatever that may be, you know I love my index cards!) life goes a lot smoother. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jessica said...

The index cards have been good! I remember to look at them about half the time, generally when I am not feeling really overwhelmed. I need to put them on the coffee table where I drink my morning coffee. It is literally the very first thing I do :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, so after much debate- I've decided to comment on this post!

I bow down to you for organizing your bathroom and finding your finger nail clippers. I have three children and homeschool the oldest two. I thought I was the only one left on this planet who's bathroom looked like your before pictures. It feels ~SO~ good to know that I AM NOT ALONE! LoL.... You have given me hope and inspiration to start organizing my own home, and for this I THANK YOU- My husband will one day thank you, and my children will hate you because they will have to help! :-) LOL!

Jessica said...

Not necessary to debate yourself over leaving a comment! I LOVE comments! ha! Will pretty much stoop to begging for them if necessary :) I am loving the fact that I will cause your children to hate me! HAHAHA! I can't tell you how many times someone has used my bathroom and had to ask for some item like toilet paper or soap or a clean hand towel, leaving me to wonder if they were judging whether or not I felt they were necessary for the clean bathroom life HAHAHA! You are not alone. Just wait, the master bathroom is coming up!

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