If you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you will know that my little boy has been frequently ill with an undiagnosed illness.  He has been sick for the better part of his fifth year.  He has been hospitalized for 20 days, spread out over four different instances and has been to the doctor more times than you can count.  I have to do something.  This out of control, can't help him feeling is for the birds.

So, while I can not diagnose him, I can do everything I know to help support his body so it can function properly.  I can also remove things from his diet to see if this is some sort of food intolerance.  So, we have removed soy, dairy, and dyes from our home. 

This is a very new way to prepare food for me.  I am used to butter, and lots of it, vegetable oil, cheese, and a few (very few) processed foods.  So, this is a new journey for me. Hopefully, it will help my child feel better and maybe I can even shed a few pounds along the way. 

I have already made several things, took pictures and will be posting these items to my blog in due time.  Please feel free to share your ideas with me!

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