My Journey to Organization - Part 1 - The Office Area

I am putting on my brave face.  This is the current state of my office area.

I know, I know, it IS a wonder how I find anything!  It is actually better than it was.  All the papers were in that white laundry basket!  Then I got the plastic hanging file folder boxes from office depot and started sorting :).  I have done so well with my inital New Year's Resolutions (live on a budget, cook at home/eat healthier, and get home school stuff organized) that I am ready to introduce new things.  The next thing is to organize & declutter.  I actually don't have a large amount of clutter, if you think of clutter in terms of things you don't use, but I am dedicated to getting rid of what I do have.  The things I have that I tend to use on a regular basis need to be sorted somehow or another and then labeled. 
So, I am going to do one area at a time.  Today/this week/however long it takes, my project will be my office area.  I will post pictures when I am done.  :)
Oh and the desk drawers are open, evidently because my two year old was rummaging through them, looking for batteries for the VSmile.
If you have any ideas to send my way, be sure and leave a comment!

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Samantha said...

Sort first, then buy things to house them in when you see what you have left. Only bring things back you TRULY need, or LOVE. Picture how you want it to look, and if something you want to bring back in does not fit that vision- out it goes!

Jessica said...

I have no vision. HAHA! I just want to be able to find things. But, I am sorting. I hope the vision comes when I see what I have left. What do I do with the cords for the cameras, nook, cellphones etc?

Kimmer said...

Camara cord in a case with the camera, protects the camera and keeps the cord ready when you need it. I have one extra cord laying on my desk, it's for the ipod, but it is there so I can charge it every night. If you have multiple things that need to be charged at night, get one of those boxes made for that purpose, each item gets put in it's place and night and the end of the cord is there waiting for charging time. The are very inexpensive and keeps the mess of cords tidy! We keep one one the night stand and it makes a big difference. Everything has a place :)

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