Pantry Challenge


Money Saving Mom is hosting a pantry challenge.  The deal is to eat out of the pantry for one month.  She has a set of rules for her family that she will follow.  I (Jessica) am going to participate in this.  I thought that after my post yesterday, it would be a fitting thing to do!  (Glad I haven't cooked the chicken and artichokes yet!) 

I am going to have to inventory the pantry, freezer and  cupboards to get a good sense of what is there. 

Here are my goals:

Go to the grocery store once a week for produce and dairy.  

Spend no more than $40 at the grocery store.  That will cut my food budget by more than half.

I will not go out to eat on my own dime.  (I have a gift certificate from my points on the way, and my brother likes to go out to eat.)

I will not allow myself to spend money on any non perishable packaged food or freezer food.  (I will get it if it is free after coupon. I can’t resist a great deal.)

I will take the money I save and pay it on the principle of the house. 

So those are not very earth shattering but it will challenge me!  I will post interesting things I cook, and post my menus as I come up with them.  This will be fun!

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