Good Fairies Are Not Coming

Some nights I go to bed with the hopes that the good fairies will come and clean it up while I am sleeping.  I have tried this several times.  They don’t come.  No matter how hard I wish them too, they just don't come.  So I took it upon myself this evening.  I decided at 9:20 to clean up the kitchen and living room.  All the children were snug in their beds.  Gary was sitting in the living room playing on the computer.  I walking into the kitchen.  This is what I saw.

100_0654 100_0653 100_0655  

Not a pretty picture.  So, I got to work.  I cleared the cabinets by the stove.  I had my first moment of being sidetracked. 


I started to clean the tops of these canisters when I reminded myself that I was surface cleaning only.  I could come back and do canister tops later.  I am glad I stopped myself.  I probably would have decided to put something in the clean canisters and that would have prompted an entire makeover of the contents of my cupboards.  I moved on to the stove and then turned to the sink.  I washed all the dishes and dried and put them away.  I cleaned off the counter tops and turned to the dining area.  I cleaned the table, put my dh’s coat away and called for him to take the garbage out.  I swept the floor, decided to mop it later, and stood back to see my results.

100_0657  100_0658 100_0659

That is a kitchen worth getting out of bed for! 

Now the living room.

100_0660 100_0661 100_0662 100_0663

This room was so messy it was probably criminal to let my kids play in there.  Of course, it was mostly their fault. I put away clothes, toys, and threw away some trash.  I would have vacuumed but did not think the sleeping ones would appreciate it.  Notice my dh is not in any of these pictures.  He went to bed after he took out the garbage. One hour later………..

 100_0669 100_0667 100_0666

Then I figured I may as well do my desk while I was at it.

  100_0665 100_0670

Now I am sitting down and taking a well deserved break.  It is 11:30 pm and I can not believe I am still up.  I never stay up this late.  I am glad that I get to wake up to this house tomorrow.  It is Sunday and I won’t feel so overwhelmed at the beginning of a new week.  It should make my home blessing hour much easier on Monday.

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Frugal in Florida said...

I can speak from experience about the fairies. They DO exist. Only you have to PAY them :) I used to have cleaning fairies. But not any more ... Just me. Myself. And I. And occasionally a teen or two, and hubby :)

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