Another Really Fast Dinner Recipe: Cowpoke Beans

If you live anywhere south of the Mason Dixon, you have seen something very similar to this dish. I make it when I need something SUPER quick that my kids are guaranteed to eat. It is mucho cheap to make and mucho fast.

Cowpoke Beans

1 pound of ground beef
2 - 20 ounce cans of you kids favorite baked beans (get the amount relatively close, either a little over or a little under)

Fry ground beef until done, drain fat.  Add beans to the skillet, heat through.  Serve.  :-D Seriously, that is it. 
This is really good as a baked potato topping, as well.  It is also good served with potato salad or coleslaw.  I have been known to serve it on a bun as well, topped with some monterey jack cheese. 

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