My 100th Post and a Farewell to 2010

It seems fitting that my 100th post is closing the year of 2010.  This year was very interesting.
2010 showed me what panic is, what fear is, and what loss is.  It offered a new perspective for me concerning what I want from the relationships I have and made me face the harsh realities those conclusions brought.
But even with all of that, I still serve an amazing God.  There were days that I could not have gotten out of bed had it not been for His putting my feet on the floor.  He usually did this with a phone call from a sister or the sweet face of one of my children staring at me. 
I don't know that I have ever shed so many tears in one year or if I have ever known the fear that I tasted this past October and November and the panic I feel now whenever my child gets a headache or has eye pain.  Every feeling, but the love I have for my God, pales in comparison to it.
A couple of you know what it is to hear that your child is desperately ill, and they can't seem to figure out why.  You know what it is like to watch that child suffer in ways that most adults won't ever know.  You know how it is to see your child writhe in agony, and nothing you do can help them.  Then the doctors tell you he has one of three things, none of them good, two are life threatening, and the other could saddle him with a lifelong disability that could come with dangerous surgeries.
That was the end of 2010, but it took over the whole year. 
So, all I have to say to the year 2010 is this: You really, really sucked. I am glad you are over.
May the next year serve everyone a lot better.

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