Chore Chart to Replace My ModEcoKids one!

I found a chore chart that was so pretty at ModEcoKids.  Then their website disappeared.  It is so sad!  I have searched and searched and could not find what may have happened to it. 
So, I tried my best to recreate it!  I have ordered a laminator from and am going to laminate them.

Here is a link to one you can use! (I hope I am not breaking any copyright laws here!)  I will be glad to email you the docx file so you can edit it with Word!  Just shoot me an email asking for it!

Chore Chart

Enjoy --- Jessica

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greatjencreations said...

I was just looking for the same chart. I love a copy of the file that I can edit. Thanks so much, Jessica!


tracy said...

Hi! So glad to have found your post! I loved that chore chart and had never saved the template. Can you email it to me at
Thank you soooo much!

Kelly said...

I have been looking all over for this chore chart. Thank you for sharing. If you could email me the template I would be very appreciative.

Kelly said...

Jessica, I think your email hit my spam file. I watched it delete.:( If you could resend it that would be amazing! Thanks!

{Mo} said...

I've spent forever tonight looking for the ModEcoKIDS chore chart. We printed ours quite awhile back and then laminated it. It's time to do some job switching and dang it, it's gone. I would love a copy of yours if it's not too much to ask. THANK YOU!

Lindsey said...

Could you please send me an editable copy? This is so great! Thanks a ton!! nalajasoli[at]yahoo[dot]com

Anonymous said...

I too have been looking all over for a similar chart, and love this one! Would you mind forwarding an editable copy to my email at ? Thanks a kids are begging to start chores...LOL~

April said...

I would love a copy of this... Can you email me at

Tamara said...

I was sad that I could not find it either... but glad to have found your site. Can you please email me a copy? Thanks!

Gibb Family said...

I have been looking for that same chart as well. I would love a copy it you could please email me one. Thanks so much!!

Josh and Kimmy said...

Could you email me a copy of the chore chart?? I've been seeing the one from modecokids on pinterest but can't find it anywhere!! Thanks!

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