Grocery Shopping - Some Practical Advice

We have all heard the saying:  Never shop for groceries while you are hungry! 

That is sage advice.  I ate breakfast before I left and actually only got what I needed.  The urge to impulse buy was cut drastically. 

Here is another one:  Try to not take the kids with you. 

Now if you are anything like me, you generally have to have the kids with you.  That is the time to keep the list short and bribery is acceptable.  Go to the toy section, pick out the cheap toys ($2 or less).  Make the kids hold them. Tell them if they put the toy down, put the toy in the buggy, or otherwise let go of the toy, you will not be getting it for them.  That takes care of one hand.  LOL...  I let me children walk ahead of me in the aisle I am in, so long as they do not leave my sight.  My older child who is ten, can go get specific things for me.  Kids are going to touch things.  They are curious and they want to know about everything.  Gentle reminders about not removing things from shelves need to happen with some frequency.

You can also post on your facebook page or email your Sunday school class to try to find another mom to swap grocery time with you.  You watch her kids while she shops, and she in turn watches your kids while you shop.  Place firm rules on this - no more than two hours away, the parent is responsible for their own kid's lunch, etc...  Whatever you both need to be comfortable with the arrangement.

Go with a list.  I emphasize this enough.  Don't trust your own memory.  That is how you come home with things you don't need and nothing you did.

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Anonymous said...

When my daughter was younger I specifically shopped at the market that had a Kids Play area up front with security so that I could shop and she could play and we would both enjoy the experience.

Anonymous said...

I wish our grocery stores had something like that! I have often said they could make a fortune off me if they had one and charged admission LOL....

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