Four EASY Things to do With Twenty Pounds of Ground Beef

Ground beef is on sale at Town & Country in Humboldt for $1.28 a pound.  If you could buy 20 or more pounds of this, you could save a bunch of money.  But, let's face it, once you get 20 pounds of ground beef home, and put on your countertop, it could look really overwhelming!

So I am here to help you!  I am going to buy 20 pounds of ground beef.  I am feeding seven people, so my portions may be bigger or smaller than yours.
1.  Meatloaf - 4 lbs Mix up 2 - 2 lb meatloaves and don't cook them. Pat into a loaf and wrap up in aluminum foil.  Freeze.  To cook:  Heat oven to 350.  Unwrap from foil and put in baking dish.  Cook for around an hour and a half until done.
2.  Taco Meat - 6 lbs - Cook all ground beef until done, drain, and add taco seasoning.  Divide into 3 ziploc bags.  Freeze.  Reheat to serve.
3.  Hamburger Patties - 4 lbs - Pat out 12 hamburger patties and place two pieces of wax paper in between each one. Place in a clear freezer bag.  I cook these straight on the grill or skillet from their frozen state.
4.  This will leave you with 6 pounds left to do something with.  Cook the rest with some garlic and onion.  Divide equally into 6 freezer bags.  You will use this for chilis, soups, casseroles, and whatever else your imagination leads you to prepare!

This will not take as long as you might think.  I would put aside an hour of my time to do it all completely, including the clean up. 

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