For My Friend, Anna, In Honor of Aluminum Foil

Yesterday, my friend Anna, over at Molding Minds Homeschool, challenged me to do a philosophical post on aluminum foil.  I don't do deep and philosophical.  I don't have time to contemplate why tin foil has two sides.

Both useful and fun!
But, I can offer a new contest, leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite use of aluminum foil for your first entry.
To get a second entry, and therefore a bigger chance to win, run over to Anna's tin foil post at Molding Minds Homeschool and leave a comment for her, letting her know that you are entering the contest from here ;)

I will send the winner 500 square feet of Reynolds Wrap (a $20 value!) to do with whatever you please!  I will be picking the winner, using some kind of random way, next Wednesday, August 23rd.

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Liz Joseph said...

I would have to say that my favorite use (and user) of tin foil is what my grandma does with it. Every package I receive from her contains at least one item wrapped in tin foil. Usually it's money, sometimes it's a pair of underwear, but she seems to think that wrapping something in tin foil is the best way to keep the most treasured gift she is sending safe.

Anonymous said...

I like to use foil to wrap Smacos in when we are camping. They are so yummy!

blessedintexas said...

I always use foil to line the bottom of a roasting pan because it makes cleanup so much easier! But my kids like to play with it to make all kinds of fun sculptures :)
kim at kimberlychance dot com

Heather said...

Who doesn't love foil?! I use it to line baking pans, cover bowls, make steam pouches for the name it. But I especially love it when I cover my lasagna with it and then after I take the foil off for the last 15 minutes of baking I just can't resist eating the gooey cheese that is stuck to the foil!

HillaryM said...

The most recent use of aluminum foil in our home has been over the top of a plastic cup then stick a popsicle stick into it. Oh, what's inside that cup? Yogurt with fruit and/or juice, just juice, homemade pudding, etc. I am even thinking of making a chai tea popsicle or two for myself. :D

There is also the popular tin foil hat--but shh...don't tell anyone.

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