Looking for Used Homeschool Curriculum?

Ok, remember I said that November was generally a good time to start looking for used curriculum?  Well, October is the new November! 
I have noticed a significant increase in used curriculum postings, especially Sonlight!  Remember these tips:

  1. Do not be afraid to ask for a lower price.  In fact, always do!
  2. Unless you need it now or come across a hard to find item, wait until January.
  3. Don't buy the first deal offered:  SHOP AROUND.
  4. You will probably turn down lots of 'deals' before finding the right one!
  5. Do not pay more than 50% of the current retail price for a used item, unless it is a hard to find one, then make sure the new item is NOT on sale.
Here are some good places to start:
Good Luck!!

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