How about a little late night rambling?

This Kim here.  As you may or may not know, I can’t imagine a day where Jessica would be out the bed with a sudden need to blog.  I’ve gotta do it so I can go back to sleep!

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Making your meals appealing to the eye.cake standI live in a house full of 5 grown and growing little men.  They can be hard to please at times.  I don’t worry over it.  If they eat the do, and if they do not, then no snacks.  When I do worry is when they aren’t eating the things that I know they love.  Case in point:  My wonderful, everyone loves it, Banana Nut Bread, but I noticed that no one was eating it.  I decided to pretty it up.  I now  put it on a cake stand, slice one or two slices to arrange on top.  That little trick, did the trick!  I can see why.  They are guys, they want to grab something and go.  I made it so they simply can’t walk by it without feeling the invitation to lift the dome and pick up a pre-sliced piece.  Laugh if you will, but it works for me.

  you r special today plate and mug I have this red plate. I've owned it for many years.   We use it for all special things that occur in our family.  Our sweet middle child is always the one to remind me that an event worthy of the red plate has occurred.  After the recent light bulb moment with the cake stand, I had another idea.  

When baking cookies make a mountain of layers on the “you are special” plate.  They loved it.  I told them they were all special that day simply because they are loved.

I have many thoughts, opinions on making meals fun and practical all the while remembering that presentation matters, even at home, where it all begins!  Let us know if you are interested!

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