Thanksgiving and Dieting

Thanksgiving is probably the wrong holiday to be on diet.  But, that is where I found myself.  I told myself this morning if the scale was kind to me, that I would be good and eat according to the low carb diet plan I am on.  Well, I was down a full pound.  Yippee!!  So I put on a tight snug pair of jeans and made several mental promises to myself. 
I knew that the traditional thanksgiving fare would not be a temptation for me as I was not going to be cooking for the first time in a few years.  Gary announced earlier in the week that we would be eating out today.  I was a bit bummed at first.  Then I got up this morning.  I could have been persuaded to cook early on but, as 10 or 11 in the morning rolled around, I thought eating out sounded really relaxing, maybe we could even catch a movie! 
Lunch time came and we all loaded up in the van and headed off to Lonestar.  I enjoyed steak and the salad wedge.  The broccoli was way too salty.  Aside from the handful of peanuts I had, staying on the diet was relatively easy.  We arrived home and I put Bekah Grace and Gary down for their nap.  :)  Jaela and Micah had to lay down as well and Danny went to his room and hid out.  So it was just me and Quin hanging out in the livingroom.  I fixed myself a cup of coffee and then saw the cake.  Leftover cake from Kim's surprise party.  Pfft.  I took a teeny weeny little bit and fled the kitchen. 
At dinner time we all sat around and tried to develop a plan.  I perused the refridgerator and the pantry to see if any ideas leapt out at me.  The only thing I was coming up with was spaghetti and garlic bread.  So we went to TGI Fridays.  I had a gift certificate.  I also had another steak with a salad.  But, I stayed on the diet plan, all the while getting texts from my bff who is supposed to be dieting with me, talking about how full she was.  I could only think that she could not possibly be that full from plain turkey and green beans.  I have yet to officially confirm, but I think she had rolls, gravy, and dressing. 
So now I am at the end of my day.  Looking back, I am glad I did what I wanted to and needed to today. Dieting on thanksgiving proved to not be that difficult when not faced with old family favorites.   Hopefully it will wear over to other days that I am not feeling so strong and I actually cook something.

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jeffandkimforbes said...

You are such an inspiration!

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